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Permanent Makeup

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MicroBlading & Ombre Powder Brows

Stop the daily hassle of penciling in uneven, light or sparse eyebrows and invest with a semi-permanent solution with MicroBlading and/or Ombre Powder Brow Shading.

* Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that uses a small hand tool to apply pigment in fine, short strokes resembling hair to achieve the perfect shape, fullness and appearance to meet each individual.

* Ombré brow gives a “powered” look going from lighter to darker. The semi-permanent procedure is done by using a machine leaving a natural enhanced look.

Lip Blush

Turn that frown upside down! Redefine faded lip lines and uneven lip color with a fuller pout that lasts longer than fillers!

* Lip permanent makeup can be administered as the lip liner defines the lips, or to add color to the lips similar to lipstick. Permanent makeup for lips is able to correct asymmetries, define lip outline, reduce or enlarge lips slightly and overall give a more attractive appearance.


Draw the Line – Perfect every time! Give your eyes a lift or just a lash enhancement
custom-eye-zed to your desired thickness, wing or wedged edge.

Permanent eyeliner and Stardust shadow enhancement is great for those wanting to brighten or widen their eyes, have the look of perfectly applied eyeliner, or smokey shadow while having the hassle-free application of daily makeup!

* Pricing may vary depending on desired thickness and style and will be discussed during consultation.

Areola & Bellybutton

A non-surgical procedure using micropigmentation to create the illusion of having a natural, three-dimensional areola and nipple for women who have undergone mastectomies. We also specialize in bellybutton reconstruction, scar repair, eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color permanent makeup procedures.

Please visit Sauler Institute for more information on this life changing service. You will find before and after pictures, testimonials and FAQ’s.

Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation is a non-surgical follicle restoration option for thinning hair, baldness and recessed hairlines to create the illusion of having real hair follicles. Hair growth serums are also infused in the pigment to help stimulate new growth.

*Pricing may vary depending on size of area to be treated and will be discussed during consultation.

Color Correction & Removal

Balancing cool or warm undertones from previous micro-pigmentation or pigment removal may be necessary to proceed in further touch-up sessions. A Touch-up session is strongly recommended 4-6 weeks after initial treatment and yearly thereafter to maintain fresh looking, long lasting results.

*Pricing may vary depending on size of area to be treated and will be discussed during consultation.