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Hair Removal

Are you sick and tired of plucking, tweezing or waxing?  Are you dreaming of the day when you won’t need to use a razor?  You have a solution!

IPL (intense pulsed light) technology works to remove hair by targeting the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft where light energy converts to heat energy and destroys the hair follicle for long-lasting results.

A Nida Medspa hair reduction treatment offers an important advantage in the aesthetic market by using the most effective IPL device.

With this advanced hair reduction technology, the treatments for both men and women have never been more comfortable, affordable, and effective. Forget the inconvenience and pain of razor burns, waxing, and plucking. Better yet, enjoy the most safe, quick, and effective treatment for any part of your body.


Smooth & Tighten Skin After Weight Loss and Post Pregnancy!

Excessive and rapid weight loss due to post-pregnancy, dieting, and exercise, or fluctuations in fat volume can result in folds of excess skin. When weight is gained, the skin expands and re-modulates to accommodate the increase in fat deposits. When the weight is lost, the skin remains enlarged, leading to loose, saggy skin.

Not long ago, the most popular aesthetic treatment was tummy tuck surgery since most of the non-invasive treatments failed to fulfil patients’ expectations. Until now! Viora’s ReFit treatment offers the ultimate solution for loose, sagging skin after excessive weight loss.

ReFit gets the job done quickly and effectively, utilizing the most up to date systems and technology for non-invasive body contouring skin tightening treatments.

Weight loss: You did the hard work, now is the time to get ReFit!

The RF energy delivers to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, restore collagen flexibility, and improve the skin’s firmness. ReFit treatment is suitable for all skin types with no anesthesia or downtime required.


Cellulite Reduction

Firmer, tighter skin is just a few Viora Cellulite Reduction treatments away!

Cellulite is one of the most common body conditions that comes with age, hormonal changes, and genetic predispositions. This “dimpled” appearance tends to appear on legs, the buttocks, and bellies due to protrusion of subcutaneous (fat) tissue.

Viora cellulite reduction therapies are clinically proven, safe, and comfortable with no downtime.

Viora’s proprietary technologies, with multi-RF channels and vacuum suction, help to reduce cellulite by treating the symptoms effectively and safely. This treatment provides consistent long-term results, primarily in the appearance of firmer and tighter skin. The RF energy heats the hypodermal layers to enhance blood microcirculation, in turn increasing fat cell metabolism leading to fat volume reduction.

The heating effect in the dermal layers also contributes to connective tissue remodeling which tighten the skin for a longer period of time.

Body Contouring & Circumferential Reduction

Body re-shaping without surgery or pain!

Local fat accumulation, either over the abdomen, underarms, flanks or lower face (jowl line and double chin), is one of the most annoying body conditions. Since these conditions are not related to the entire body fat volume, typical diet or sports activities have little to no effect.

Viora fat volume treatments are clinically proven, safe and comfortable, with no downtime.

Viora’s technology helps to reduce fat volume by treating the fat layer effectively and safely. This treatment provides consistent results, primarily for the facial contouring and body circumferential reduction with long lasting effects. The RF energy heats the hypodermal layers to enhance blood microcirculation that in turn encourages the enzymatic activity, leading to fat natural hydrolysis, resulting in fat volume reduction. The heating effect in the dermal layers lead to connective tissue remodeling which tighten the skin and helps to keep the results for much longer.